Tuesday, 2 June 2015


For me, this month has been extra special as it has been my 18th birthday so i decided that this is the perfect time for me to publish my first blog post - a may favourites mixed with a what i got for my birthday! No bragging, I just personally find posts like this interesting. Here I am going to show you my favourite presents and other things I have been loving this month. Enjoy! xox

1) Pandora essence collection bracelet
First of all, it is safe to say that this bracelet has definitely been my favourite birthday present this year, if not of all time. What I love about present's like this is that they are not things I would go and buy myself as I love to spend my money on everyday items such as makeup, food and clothes. This bracelet is from the new Pandora 'essence' collection, and unlike the 'moments' collection there is only a small selection of charms, all of which have separate meanings. As soon as I discovered this collection I fell in love. The bracelets are made beautifully and are especially dainty and elegant, whereas the charms add that special, personal touch. With my bracelet, I chose the 'gemini' charm, the 'belief' charm and the 'positivity' charm, all of which are important to me. They inspire me to stay true to myself, remain positive and of course reflect my gemini ways. This collection is such a meaningful present idea. 

2) Olivia Burton watch
In the past, watches have never really been something that I have been interested in. However, after scrolling through Instagram and noticing the Olivia Burton watches, I changed my mind. These watches in my opinion, are the perfect first watch for a girl/young woman. They are rather simply designed, but are classy and feminine. As it was my 18th, and I am now a 'young woman' I decided it was finally time to get a watch and not have to spend ages searching through my bag for my phone every time i wanted to know the time. I got this watch as a present off my grandma for my birthday, and know that I will get so much use of it. I chose the black leather as I thought it would be easiest to match with outfits. Love it!

3) St Tropez everyday lotion - face and body
After having a spray tan for my birthday celebrations, I realised how much I loved feeling brown, and how confident I felt with a tan. The spray tan i had was the original St Tropez, and i wanted to find my own self tan I was able to use at home which gave the same effect. With a boots gift card I got for my birthday, i scoured the St Tropez shelf trying to decide which tan to buy. In the end, I decided to go for the everyday lotion. This is a tinted moisturiser, which after being applied for a few days, gives you a natural, streak free tan. The first day I applied this tan, I used my hands and  was really disappointed as it came out very patchy. However, I have now started to use a fake tan mitt and the results are perfect! I have this tan in the shade medium/dark and I am already very brown after only using it for a few days. This is my favourite tanning product of all time - there is even a version for the face!

4) Michael kors bag
Up until my birthday my go-to everyday bag was a big, black Vivienne Westwood bag (I can't find the name). However, after wearing it practically every day for the past year, I was getting really bored of it and felt I needed a change. Luckily, for my birthday my mum got me a new bag! It is the Michael Kors Cindy in Saffiano leather. Personally, I have never been a fan of Michael Kors bags, as I have thought that they look quite cheap and of course, practically everybody has one. But I LOVE this one!! I think what is different about this bag is the fact that it is quite simple and structured unlike a lot of other Michael Kors bags which I would refer to as 'flimsy'. I can really see myself using this for a while.

5) yankee candle - sugared apple
All I can say about this candle is that i LOVE  it!! I originally bought it around christmas time and decided to use it for the first time the other night. I am ADDICTED. Unfortunately, I am terrible at describing smells. All I can say is that it is super sweet, and the name of it describes it perfectly! I love lighting up this candle before I go to sleep to help me relax.

6) Geordie Shore
Although Geordie Shore has been around for YEARS, I am loving this season! I think its great to see that they have all grown up and got to a positive stage in their lives. I think that Holly and Kyle are amazing together and Charlotte never fails to make me laugh. I even love the two newbies. Chloe is so funny and Nathan is just something else! I would definitely recommend watching this

7) muller light goodies lemon meringue yogurts
I HAVE NO WORDS. THESR ARE AMAZING!!!! they are soooooooooo yummy.

8) GHD eclipse
After owning my old GHD's for almost 7 years, you could say that it was finally time for a new pair! I was in dying need of new hair straighteners as in 3 months I will be moving away for Uni, and up until recently i shared my hair straightener's with my mum. Anyway, I had been eyeing up the GHD eclipse for some time, and much to my surprise, my mum got me them for my birthday. I LOVE these! my hair looks so smooth after using them and takes me half of the time to get a better effect. If anybody is feeling like upgrading their straighteners soon, these are a must. 

Thank you for reading my first blog post!! I hope this has interested you. Feel free to comment and let me know of any tips or advise on how to improve. Thank you xx