Sunday, 26 July 2015


So recently something really exciting has happened in my life! I have become a distributor for juice plus. 

The products...

Before beginning my business adventure I found that a lot of people were very skeptical about the company and their products, however many of these people actually had no idea of the products that the juice plus franchise actually sells (myself included)! Of course, a lot of people think that we actually distribute juices. This is NOT the case. There are 2 main products - complete shakes and our fruit, veg and berry capsules. Mainly, I would say that the majority of our customers drink our shakes as meal replacements to aid weight loss, yet they are amazing just to boost your overall health and nutrition. Our shakes contain only plant-based protein unlike a lot of other "health" or "weight-loss" companies who use whey protein. With whey protein there is always the risk of it causing internal inflammation which can then lead to other serious illnesses. The shakes are perfect for everybody, whether you are constantly on the go or even if you work at home as they contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates that your body needs. When taken to promote weightless, it is usually recommended you drink two shakes a day (breakfast and lunch) with 2 snacks in-between and an evening meal. Alongside the shakes, I personally offer a meal plan with ideas for snacks, a detox plan (whilst waiting for your package to be delivered), healthy recipes for your evening meal and an exercise plan. 

In regards to the juice plus capsules, there are 3 types - the berry blend, the fruit blend and the vegetable blend. All three of these work AMAZING together and maximum results will be seen when using these capsules as a trio, although they can be taken separately too. The idea of these products is to feed your body with all the important ingredients from your five a day. It is a known fact that most people do not get their five a day EVERY day so to make up for it these capsules provide us with the good stuff from 27 fruits and vegetables! As a result, this leads to better skin, hair, nails and energy levels (plus much more). Many testimonials show that these capsules are perfect for treating conditions such as acne and eczema. I have also read a lot of articles where people have said juice plus capsules have changed their life by improving their symptoms of illnesses such as epilepsy, diabetes, depression, anxiety and even heart conditions. Below is a picture of the juice plus complete and the capsules (these capsules also come in a soft chewable version for children) .

Now to the business side of things...

I only actually joined the juice plus business around 10 days ago and was really nervous about how I would be able to distribute the products. However, I have found that you get out of the business what you put into it! If you set yourself a target and ask a specific amount of people each day, it is more than likely that at least one person would be interested in the product and want to buy it! So far I have  been really happy with the amount of product i have been able to sell, but it is important that you don't expect too much too soon. After all my hard work hopefully at the end of July I should be getting my first promotion. The great thing about the juice plus company is that with every product you sell, you get 10% commission and then you also receive a certain amount of points (depending on the package/product) which go towards your promotion. Juice plus offer fantastic bonuses for those who receive promotions. If you do it right, it is a very easy and quick way to earn money. When being a distributor, another important aim is getting people to join your team as you earn commission and points of what they sell and what the people THEY recruit sell too! It is such an exciting business to be a part of. For me, at the moment this is something which I do alongside of a part-time job and studying (I will hopefully be going to uni in September) but for a lot of people they have managed to turn this into a full-time business run from their home. NO boss, NO greif. 

When joining the company I searched and searched the internet in hope of finding a blogger who had blogger their experiences not only trying the products, but also with the business as well but could not find anything! Therefore, I have decided to do weekly updates about my juice plus experience. Starting from today, I am drinking the shakes every morning for my breakfast and every day for my lunch alongside a healthy dinner in the evenings. I am also going to be taking 2 of each capsule each day. 

My aim is to be posting every Sunday about the products and how they have effected me during the week - weight loss, skin condition, energy levels, hair condition, health, etc. I will also be briefly explaining how the business side of things is going for me so please join me on my juice plus adventure!!

If you have any enquiries about the products or joining the business please contact me on this email address and I can give you all the information you need:

Thank you for reading